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Winner of 2022 Best African Family Support NPO

African Family Support Foundation is a non-profit organisation providing empowerment and support to families in need. It was established after the founder, Stella Okeke, gave grants to 90 widows and people in need across 7 states in Nigeria, helping them start their own businesses. The feedback was encouraging and she replicated this in other African countries and supported the work through fundraising.

We now work with various agencies including Local Authority Social Services, the African Embassy Welfare Section and other networking organisations. We also source funds, raise awareness and engage on programmes and projects that focus on problems which have serious health, social and economic significance for Africans in the UK and Africa. We also specialise in family breakdowns and fostering.

Landscape photo with man and woman on left, banner of African Family Support Foundation in middle, and 3 women on right. Yellow hall and blue chairs in background.

AFSF was invited by one of the Local Authorities we work with on 3 February 2022 to give a presentation to over 50 social workers (children services) to explain what we do, and how it benefits African families in need. If you are interested in a free 20-30 minute presentation from us regarding the merits of our approach, we are free to give one starting from May, pending your invitation.

You can request our referral form if you choose to commission us for works listed on the UK page.

We are a one stop shop solution to resolve African family issues in the UK by using unique methods and techniques grounded in African experiences, knowledge and skills to create a sustainable impact on the lives of our services users.

Please find below the TV broadcast video, which shows the recent awareness program AFSF ran in Africa in collaboration with our grass root partner 'Leadership Foundation for African Girl Child and Women'.

We held an event for Stakeholders on Domestic Violence. The aim was to create awareness on the issue of Domestic Violence in Ethnic Minorities in the UK. The event was held on 29th March 2019. Presentations were made by Professionals and Victims of Domestic Violence see program attached. During the interactive section there were contributions from the attendees, Representative from African High Commissions and Madam Mayor Khan (The Mayor of Croydon). The feedback received from 98% of the audience stated that the event was informative, they were inspired, motivated and knowledge gained will be used and appreciated. Future plan is to train Anti - DV champions who will work with community groups.

African Solutions to African Related Problems

Landscape photo of 25 people lined up, with African Family Support Foundation PowerPoint presentation in background. Brown room and red chairs in foreground.

Our Patron is Chief Dr Paddy (Patrick) Ediomi Davies. A retired legendary Broadcaster and International Lawyer. Pictures are for Domestic Abuse Champion Course, which took place on 22nd April 2019 can be found on our gallery.

Landscape photo with 5 people sitting around a white table in a full, busy room. White hall in background adds depth to the scene.

AFSF June 2019 domestic violence outreach programme in the community in royal borough of Greenwich - London. We also leafleted and outreached in general golden square Woolwich, the Woolwich mosque, St Peter’s Church, Queen Elizabeth hospital and community gatherings and events.

We had productive interactive sections on both outreach in the community and the DV conference which was held at the town hall. We also identified other areas to work on in the next project. We had speakers, keynote speaker Cllr Dominic Mbang. Chief Dr Patrick Davies and Dr Chi Davies headed the interactive section and our lovely lead youth ambassador Dr Sonia Ike who did presentation on the impact of DV on the children from young person's perceptive.

We had feedback from DV champions on their encounters and people sceptical of police involvement in their family disputes. Champion Ibrahim who is also an imam gave feedback on his outreach and said the topic was not an attractive one to his hard to reach community but managed to get the message across.

AFSF have also received numerous contacts from people needing our service. We have repaired some families who were on the brink of breaking up. We are still caring on with our family mediation and awareness programme and hope to run another project on domestic violence in the near future, funding permits. AFSF could not have run this DV project without the help from national lottery funding.

AFSF have a fundraising event on the 25th of August 2019 for our sponsored empowerment programme, as we look forward to our next project. See our banner or leaflet for details.

Cutout photo of Stella Okeke, founder of African Family Support Foundation, on booklet cover. Stella's role and contributions highlighted in the booklet.
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