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Our Work in the UK

  1. DV Awareness Training

  2. Interactive training with the family on appropriate and effective parenting strategies

  3. Training on how to manage children & challenging behaviours at home

  4. Analytical report sent to the Commissioning Local Authority (CLA) Social Worker after the final session

  5. A – Z package from training, contact supervision observation, and support post-reunification & reintegration to the family

  6. Family Mediation for African families

  7. Bereavement Support 

Bridging the gap between Parents, Schools and Local Authorities by:

  1. Supporting parents, whose children have been, or at risk of being excluded, in meetings and representations with schools

  2. Supporting parents, whose children have been permanently excluded from school, in their dealings with local education authorities

  3. Bridging the communication gap between foster carers and birth parents, to minimise placement breakdown

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