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Our Members

Our members are the products of the diverse and rich African cultural process - so this means we see the needs of our service users from our own perspective. 

Our members are:


Mrs Stella N. Okeke Executive Director and founding member of African Family Support Foundation 

Chief Dr Patrick Ediomi Davies A retired Legendary Broadcaster and International Lawyer (Our Patron)

Mr Okechukwu Charles Nwajagu Solicitor and Secretary to African Family Support Foundation

Dr Ugo Okoli Public Health Specialist

Dr Chi Davies Consultant Anaesthetist & Clinical Director, Day Surgery Services, East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust

Mrs Caroline Ike Carer

Mrs Wilhermina Boye-Doe Teaching Assistant

Dr Gabriel Otukwu  Doctor

Mrs Nneka NdigweKings Journalist

Mrs Viola Okoro Affiliated Member &  Executive Director- LFAGW

Mr Bonny Uba Managing Director at Focus IT Services Ltd  

Nkechi Agbakaekwu Health care Professional

Dr Sonia Ike AFSF Lead Youth Ambassador - Medical Doctor

Charles Okeke AFSF Youth Ambassador - Lawyer

Alhaji Ibrahim Kamara Imam


More about our members:


Stella N. Okeke

Executive Director and founding member of African Family Support Foundation 

Stella is a Housing Consultant and holds a master degree (MA) in Housing Studies from South Bank University, London. She has over twenty (20) years of combined theoretical and practical experience in housing, and at present, manages a property portfolio.

She had worked with several UK local authorities in housing management, front line service, housing needs and home ownership and leasehold services. Skills such as training, power point presentation, interviewing, assessing problems, report writing, advocacy, lobbying or mediating on a client’s behalf. She also worked as a volunteer to Housing4women housing association, mentoring vulnerable women who were trafficked and suffered domestic violence.

She hopes to bring her transferable volunteering experience from her previous roles as a non-executive director of Deptford City Challenge (UK Government quango), management committee member of DSLP and school governor. Alongside this, she currently working for organisation involved with helping vulnerable young people.

In Nigeria, she financially empowered over ninety fellow widows from seven states in the country to start small individual business. The progress made to date has been brilliant. Reports and feedback from the recipients have been overwhelmingly positive. She is a mentor to many people and had given school scholarships to few.

Okechukwu Charles Nwajagu

Secretary of African Family Support Foundation

He is a  Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England & Wales. He is a Solicitor with many years of Practice. He has considerable skills; knowledge and expertise in Human Rights law; Immigration law; Housing law; personal injury; child law; family law; mental health; criminal and prison law. 

He has considerable theoretical knowledge; skills and practical experience of health; social and economic  policies focused on the health; social and economic problems of the poor; diversity; social inclusion and empowerment issues. 

He had unique experience  of working with WHO/UNDP  for so many years as a Social Researcher with WHO/UNDP on River Blindness Treatment and Control project in Nigeria. He will bring his unique experience and expertise to bear in the proposed River Blindness project. 

He has Msc in Sociology and Applied Social Research; Pgd. Law; LLB Law; Bsc. in Criminology; and Bsc in Sociology & Anthropology. His acute intellectual and analytical skills  will be of immense value in enabling the Foundation to actualize its objectives. 

Caroline Ike


Caroline is a full time carer for her son who was diagnosed with the Autistic Spectrum disorder at an early age.

Alongside the joyful moments experienced whilst raising her son, there were the occasional challenges. Caroline has developed  two significant qualities during this time: perseverance and resilience. These qualities have been key in helping her stay strong whenever tough situations occur. Caroline is fortunate to have been blessed with a great social support network through family and friends. All have been instrumental in providing relief and sound advice in times of stress. She also believes in prayer and reflection and has  learnt to appreciate the need for having occasional respite periods and time to relax/clear my mind. Such have served as fundamental coping mechanisms for her.

As a member of the foundation, Caroline  is keen to share her story with other families facing similar challenges. She hopes to be able to provide some advice and share tips for helping others conquer and overcome their own experiences.

Nneka NdigweKings  


Nneka’s interest in the foundation comes out of bereavement, having brought up three children single handedly, Nneka came to the conclusion that widows need empowerment to be able to sustain upbringing of their children where there is none in place. Having worked with children in the UK and abroad, Nneka understands 'why every child matters'. She is a mother to the orphans and a helper to the widows and the needy. In collaboration with the CANUK, she has  helped to raise and organised relief for the Nigerian flood disaster. She describes herself as a woman leader.

Wilhermina Boye-Doe

Teaching Assistant

Wilhermina became a widow through her husband’s illness and lives with her two sons who have just graduated from university.

She has experienced a long and tough road, and through all this she has involved her children and stood together as a family which has made her very proud of them.

As a widow, Wilhermina has learnt that it is important to look at a problem only when it presents itself and let the rest of life be as normal as possible. By letting friends and family into her life she has created a release and let them fill the void that she could have. She also feels that it is good to always try and discuss problems with someone to ease the pressure on the family.

As a widow, her advice is wishing comes easy and you should always involve your children in whatever you do by discussing it as a family always, and in turn they discuss theirs with you too.   

For more information on our members, or the work that we do, please get in touch.

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