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Empowerment, Knowledge and Awareness

At African Family Support Foundation, we work to encourage empowerment, to provide knowledge and support, and raise awareness of important factors affecting African people. 

Empowering African Women 

Empowerment is at the heart of everything that we do. By setting-up African women, and particularly widows, with their own small businesses - we enable them to support themselves and their families, and invest in education for their children. Empowering women also provides a huge psychological boost by encouraging self confidence and allowing women to take responsibility for their own futures. 

Success Stories

So far we have helped 90 individual widows in 7 states in Nigeria to start their own small businesses.

Support was provided by the generous input of Mrs Stella Okeke, one of our founders, who invested her own funds to provide practical support and to get them up and running.

We are delighted to say that feedback has indicated that these businesses are flourishing, creating very positive benefits for these women and their communities. One of our objectives is to raise funds through donations to continue to expand this work further afield in Africa, and to increase the number of individuals and families who can benefit from this support. We will continue to empower more people so they can form cooperatives and support each other by paying back loans without interest, so this money can be used to set up more needy business starters. 

Knowledge and Support 

Our organisation is run by people with extensive skills, knowledge and experience and who therefore understand the challenges that our service users are facing from a unique African cultural perspective. 


Our years of experience mean that we have dealt with a wide range of issues and problems by finding practical ways to help. This means that we are excellently placed to provide the right knowledge and skills to benefit all of the stakeholders with whom we work. 


All of our programmes have been established to provide focused support to individuals and families from African communities. We use our own backgrounds and knowledge to help in ways that we see fit – both at home in the UK and abroad, to identify and put in place the right support that is needed in any given situation.

This can consist of practical support and financial assistance (as offered as part of our empowerment work) and we also are available to provide advice and signposting to additional agencies and other organisations if this is required.

Raising Awareness

Along with our knowledge and support programmes we also aim to raise awareness and engage on programmes and projects that focus on health problems which have serious social and economic significance for Africans and Africa.

These include Diabetes; Glaucoma; HIV; River blindness; malaria and high blood pressure. 

How you can help

We continue to raise funds to support our important work and we appreciate any donations that people would like to make. We thank you for your support.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about our organisation – or if you can help in any way, please get in touch.

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