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What We Do

We are a non-profit organisation which supports African families in need, at home and abroad.

Our founding member, Stella Okeke, started the organisation after investing her own money to provide needy people in Nigeria with small amounts of money to start up their own businesses.

This worked so well that she created African Family Support Foundation to offer further help and support.

How we help

We help our service users with a range of matters including bereavement, domestic abuse, welfare, family disputes, empowerment, human rights, disability, health and social care provision -  all within the compass and paradigm of African culture. All of our members have experience and skills in health, pastoral, legal, social and family matters.


You can view videos about our work on our Youtube channel

Who we work with

We work with a range of different agencies including Local Authority Social Services, the African Embassy welfare section and other organisations.

We also source funds, raise awareness and engage on programmes and projects that focus on health problems which have serious social and economic significance for Africans and Africa.

We have close links with other organisations doing similar work such as the Leadership Foundation for African Girl-child and Women

Our beliefs

Experience has shown us that there is a considerable gap in service provision to African families in the UK who are facing bereavement; domestic violence; child abuse; marriage breakdown; family disputes; property disputes, and child custody issues. To resolve these issues requires specialised skills, knowledge and experience of African cultures, values and ethos rather than through the courts and conventional means.

Because we are products of the unique African cultural process and have acquired particular experiences of African problems and their dynamics, we are uniquely equipped with the experience and knowledge to deal effectively with problems. We have a genuine desire to positively impact on the lives of needy African families both at home and abroad.


We have a holistic approach to African family issues as our members come from all walks of life and different African cultures, with diverse and complementary transferable skills, meaning that they can lead by example. We believe we are in a good position to provide tailor made solutions combined with integrity.

Our objective is to create a positive impact for Africans in need through mediation, empowerment, bereavement support and knowledge and awareness training. We are a frontline provider which offers essential services to a significant segment of society. Our volunteers provide services which are built on the twin values of transparency and integrity.

Make a donation

We have an ongoing requirement for financial support to continue and expand our work so we always welcome donations to help with our activities.

If you would like to support us - you can make a donation directly to our bank account:

African Family Support Foundation

Sort code: 60-07-37

Account number: 49395882


If you would like to find out more about us or the work that we do, please get in touch. 

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